Friday, September 19, 2008

startin this shit up

the people who read this will most likely know me personally so i guess i'm talking to you/myself with these posts...

first off who am i?
Sam Allgood. young scrubby fixed gear kid from slc.
do some good tricks on my bike
help out my friends with their bike q's

blog? what?
yeah i really have nothing to blog about other than bikes and stuff, but i would like to try it out.
generally my posts will be about cool bikes, my videos, and filming schedule/upcoming shit for Team Terror

Team Terror?
yeah thats my friends and me from disorderly house and school.
we're working on a video to show peeps what SLC is like.
team terror is hopefully not the movie title, just a crew name for now.

sample vid for first post

Sam Allgood - New Bike, New Tricks. from Sam Allgood on Vimeo.

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